APG Colloquium 2018


Kavita Patel, MD

Fellow and Managing Director for Clinical Transformation and Delivery, Engelberg Center for Healthcare Reform
The Brookings Institution  |  Washington, DC

Dr. Kavita Patel is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a co-founder of Tuple Health, a physician led company focused on practical clinicalsolutions to bring care back to health as well as a practicing primary care physician at Johns Hopkins Medicine. In her role at the Brookings Institution, Dr. Patel was instrumental in the development of several specialty payment models including the Oncology Care Model Initiative and the Next Generation ACO model. Dr. Patel was previously a Director of Policy for The White House under President Obama and a senior advisor to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. Her prior research in healthcare quality and community approaches to mental illness have earnednational recognition and she has published numerous papers and book chapters on healthcare reform and health policy. She has testified before Congress several times and she is a frequent guest expert on NPR, CBS, NBC and MSNBC. Dr. Patel serves on the editorial board of the journal HealthAffairs and is a venture partner at New Enterprise Associates.

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