APG Colloquium 2018


Donald H. Crane, JD

President and CEO
APG  |  Los Angeles, CA

Don Crane is President and CEO of APG, the nation's only professional association exclusively representing capitated, coordinated care organizations, and is a leading voice promoting the interests of physicians practicing accountable care across the nation.APG consists of approximately 200 multispecialty medical groups and IPAs that provide medical care to over 16 million patients across 40 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Mr. Crane is in the forefront of national public policy advocacy on behalf of accountable care organizations across the country as they make the journey from volume to value and move into risk-based alternative payment models. He is the lead producer and moderator of APG's nationally acclaimed healthcare conferences. A seasoned healthcare attorney, Mr. Crane practiced healthcare law for over 30 years and served as corporate counsel for several major integrated health systems. Mr. Crane speaks regularly on healthcare issues to a wide variety of physician groups, hospital boards, and academic meetings. He has been a guest lecturer on healthcare management issues to graduate students at major California universities.

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